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What distinguishes a citizen from a tourist?

A person is considered a citizen if they live/own a real estate property with an active TARI contract. This category encompasses individuals who have their official residence registered at a particular property, as well as those who permanently reside in a property without being officially registered as residents.
Conversely, a tourist refers to someone who is either passing through or staying in the city for a duration of less than 7 days, without holding any active TARI contract. In this case, Aprilo! is active for a maximum of 7 calendar days from the registration date. If your stay exceeds 7 days, get in touch with the accommodation facility where you are staying, so that you can request a physical key to be connected to the App.


Why do I have to keep the physical key handy?

The key is only required during the initial registration on the App. You will be prompted to enter the identification code exactly as it appears on your key.

I can’t connect the key during the registration process on the App, what should I do?

The App requires that you enter the identification code printed on your key in full. Please double-check that you have accurately entered the alphanumeric code.
Please be aware that Aprilo! is specifically designed for new digital bins that can only be opened using keys of this particular type. Our support teams are available to assist you if you doubts or need assistance.

How can I unlock the bin?

If the bin displays this symbol, you can unlock it with Aprilo!
1. Approach the bin you wish to open with your phone and initiate the scanning process. You will know it was successful when the identifying image of the materials becomes selectable.
2. Click on the material category of the bin you want to unlock.
3. Once unlocked, you can open the bin.


I lost my key. What should I do?

You should notify Alia about the loss, and we will take the necessary steps to deactivate the misplaced key and issue a replacement one for you. You can perform these operations via the Call Centre, or by visiting one of our service counters. Ensure that you enter the new code in the App or you will not be able to use Aprilo!

How can I obtain a physical key?

Physical keys are provided to the holders of a TARI account or their authorised representative. If you live in an area with an active door-to-door collection, you can request the key along with the rest of the kit (containers and bags), so you can dispose of waste occasionally, only when necessary, also at street bins. Each key is assigned a unique identification code and is linked exclusively to a specific building. For more details, please contact our customer care service. For collection, you can visit our service counters or request the virtual key with a simple phone call to our Call Center.

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